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Moschino, Franco

I think fashion is something you can laugh about forever, but in the end, it's the most difficult thing to laugh at because people take it so seriously." "I'm not a fashion designer, I'm a painter; a decorator. I'm not the author of a new era." "Good taste doesn't exist." '"What I have loved and still love about pop is its schizophrenia and distortion, its three-dimensionality and sensorial confusion... am I a bit pop? I wont deny it.'" "'I'm interested in the social, psychological, geographicaland spiritual implications of our way of appearing. clothes should be screens on which we can project our spirit.we all need love, tenderness, simple things. the smallest, stupidest fabric dolls offer us the intimate sensation of existing." "I reject a system that doesn't move, I stay away from this business that exploits human imbecility. Too much salt, too much colesterol, the blood no longer circulates... a real case of arteriosclerosis".