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Connoly, Sybil

Sybil Connolly is considered a daughter or Ireland, but actually she was born in Wales (January 1921). Her father was Irish, from Waterford, and her mother was Welsh. She moved to Ireland in her teens, then to London to study fashion where she worked as a dressmaker for Bradley & Co, who had among their clients members of the British Royal family. World War II brought her back to Ireland where she stayed until her death 1998. Sybil Connolly was a pioneering designer in Ireland and one of the first to have international success. She has been credited to have single handedly save the Irish textile industry with her use of the fine linens she used for her pleated gowns that takes 9 yards of linen to make one pleated yard of finished fabric. Her style is unmistakable elegance, with an emphasis on color and texture.