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Fath, Jacques

Jacques Fath was one of the greats! Sadly, his carreer in fashion ended all too soon with his untimely death in 1947, just 10 years after opening his own couture house. In that ten years he experiemented with both the severe and the graceful. Some believe he pioneered the New Look, and that Dior followed his lead and ran with it. If you have a moment, check out the vidio below which shows some couture creations in the 50s. A wonderful client of SwankVintage grew up in Paris during the time of Haute Couture. She knew the House of Fath very well and explained to me his involvement with Joseph Halpert. "Halpert was a successful and savvy NY dress manufacturer who saw a golden opportunity following WW II, so he journeyed to Paris and successfully negotiated a contract with Jacques Fath. In that contract, Fath agreed to produce a specific number of designs for Halpert, and in turn, Halpert, who would produce the dresses exclusively in NY, agreed that they would be manufactured to specifications strictly stipulated by Fath. One of the things that Fath insisted on was the use of fine fabrics, so Halpert did import the fabrics from Europe" (most were from the House of Abraham).