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1950s Jacques Fath New Look Dress

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Jacques Fath enthusiasts often claim Fath inspired Dior's New Look. Since they were working in Paris simultaneously, it is impossible to pinpoint who was first. Since Fath died at an early age, he never achieved the fame of his contemporaries, but for those who know his work, he is one of the all time greats.
The dress is a delight in rich silk jacquard. Starting with the neck we find a classic Fath element of style.. he always strove to create a new and interesting neckline. This one is a tiny V at the throat and a little curve of a line around the neck. This little element elongates a sexy swan neck, and accentuates the fitted bosom. The gentle smooth curve of the shoulders also adds to the accentuated bosom.. as does the sleek, fitted waist. The bodice folds onto itself and secures with tiny black buttons, a very unique and interesting detail. The skirting has wonderful fullness. It is more full in the back than in the front, creating a wonderful sweep in the back. The two huge pockets on each hip carry from the front to the back, creating a wider, more accentuated, slightly angular hip silhouette.

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