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Harp, Holly

People often refer to the classic Holly Harp look as "Hippie Chic" but to me, this is a misnomer. Her look was absolutely chic, and was often worn by Hippies with money, but to me Hippie Chic was more a throwback to years gone by (Granny Takes A Trip Victorian, and Thea Porter's Moroccan Caftans for example). Holly Harp's look was more cutting edge, and was most often quite unique. Holly Harp was born in New York, attended Radcliffe College and studied art and fashion design, North Texas State University. She married Jim Harp in 1965, and they migrated to California in 1966 like many of the youth of their generation, they found their way to the counter culture of Los Angeles. Holly Harp opened her first boutique on Sunset Boulevard in 1968, bringing a fresh new style to the super hip. Her sensibilities towards loose, flowing, feminine dresses of silk, and her multi colored fringed vests were the toast of the town. Some of her clients included Janice Joplin, Liza Minelli, Goldie Hawn, Diana Ross, Grace Slick, Barbra Streisand, and Angelica Huston. Holly Harp was twice nominated for a Coty Award, and she was head costume designer for several films such as The Turning Point and Sleeper.