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1990s Franco Moschino "Manifesto" Suit

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Irony, eclecticism, mixed styles, freedom in dressing, the intellectual designer, philosopher, theologian. No, I've always lied. This is the text embroidered onto white ribbon, applied in spirals around this adorable suit. One can only imagine these words were written about Franco Moschino, except the "No, I've always lied"... I think that's his rebuttal to all the hype around his genius. Dating this to the early 1990s would make this from one of the last collections before his death. A fitting tribute to a all to short life at the top of fashion.
The suit, beyond the uber fab text is quite subdued in Moschino terms. Black rayon, lined in taffeta. Simple notched collar, simple fitted skirt. Its the buttons and the spiral that makes this suit a true masterpiece. Check out how the text runs perfectly from the skirt to the jacket. Its a masterpiece.

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