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1970s James Galanos Evening Dress

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There are few things more wonderful than a vintage Galanos evening gown. His choice of fabric, and attention to every detail alone would make for a fabulous garment, but his skill in drape and cut makes a Galanos gown a work of art.
This gorgeous gown is a divine shade of emerald green. It is silk chiffon, shot with dots of long silk velvet. The dots are not really dots, and they are all irregular in size, so they create a very unique and beautiful pattern. Form afar, it just looks shimmery. Up close, it looks so luscious, you can't help but want to touch it.
This dress has the look of a straight tunic, but actually, Jamie added a bit of fullness to the skirt by insetting great arcs of fabric from hip to hem on each side. The lining of silk crepe adds to the fullness and flow. The graceful sleeve is unlined so it remains semi sheer and very sexy.

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