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1960s Coco Chanel Suit

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The suits created by Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel in the years just before her passing are perhaps her greatest legacy to fashion. Of course, her early evening gowns revolutionized the way women wore clothes, and gave the flapper generation something to dance about, but the classic skirt suit is what comes to my mind when I think Coco Chanel.
This is by far the best Chanel suit I have ever had my hands on. The choice of fabric is like none that I have ever seen. The colors!! The woven boucle (wool of course) was made from yarns of ocean blue, lime green, lapis, rust, burgundy and moss green. This is where Lagerfeld's famed "fantasy tweed" found its roots for sure. The silk and gold lame lining is equally thrilling in shade of ultra violet, sky blue and fuchsia
The jacket is a classic boxy cut, perfectly balanced, immaculately constructed. I love how the lining is brought over to trim the cuffs, collar and down the front. There are no outer pockets, but two little pockets are in the lining. The buttons are fabulous, fierce lions heads surrounded by gold chain. There is also a chain sewn to the hem, as well as several coin weights sewn inside the lining.
The skirt is a marvel. The pleating is unbelievable. Pin tucked to below the thigh, then they open to perfection. Note how the plaid of the skirt matches perfectly with that of the jacket. The skirt is lined in green silk, and it closes with a fine metal zipper and a few hooks on the side.

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