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1960s Chanel - Goossens Gold Belt

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This glorious piece was made during the lifetime of Coco Chanel, undoubtably designed and made by Robert Goossens for the house of Chanel. Generally they were designed specifically for a certain couture garment and were sold with it. Rarely were they sold separately and it is truly hard to get your hands on these pieces.
I found another website that had a Chanel bracelet with the same ram figure and the bracelet was dated to 1965 so I will go with that date. Its an exotic looking piece, the kind of jewelry Goossens is famous for.
It can be worn as a necklace or belt, it works perfectly either way. It is made of 5 rows of thick chain held together with little Thai style Buddhas soldered every 6" or so on both sides of the chain. On each end there are clusters of little charms. Actually, they are more like little sculptures. One side has three lions, one in a run (1 3/4" long), one on its hind legs, and one seems to be some kind of half lion, half man beast with a bow and arrow. On the other end are more peaceful creatures, a big ram (1 1/2" long), a little ram, two fishes and a beautiful naked woman. One side has a simple hook, the other a long open chain with a big gold disc at the end. The disk is about 1 2/4" in diameter. Each little animal is a work of art in itself. They have substantial weight. .. The belt is plated in bright yellow gold. It is a magnificent piece. The Chanel signature is found on the back of the last Buddha. condition: Excellent End to end is 37" The open chain is 7" long 1965 Chanel Couture Gold Belt/Necklace By Goossens

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