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1960s Coco Chanel 2.55 Quilted Wool Handbag

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.Chanel introduced the first 2.55 bag in the winter of 1955. Limited production of the bag continued thorough the 1960s until Coco's death. In the 1980s the style was reproduced in leather and occasionally wool, and it continues to be a mainstay of the Chanel line to this day. The 2.55 handbag was designed by Coco Chanel to suit her own personal needs and style, and is perhaps the most iconic handbag ever made. ..This handbag is made from fine black wool jersey, the very same jersey Chanel made famous in the 1930s. The front and back have raised quilting, the sides and bottom are stitched but not quilted. All the stitching was entirely hand done!! It is mind-blowing to think how many hours must have gone into the creation of this bag.
The back of the bag has a small pocket with a slightly curved upper edge. The front of the bag has a flap and her "mademoiselle" lock, separated in three sections. When the flap opens you find the first compartment lined in the black jersey. The top of the flap has a small zipper and a tiny compartment lined in the red silk file. The second smaller flap closes with a simple snap, and when opened it reveals a large compartment lined in ruby silk file with a huge CC logo hand stitched on the underside of the flap. The compartment has 3 pockets, the central one for a lipstick. The chain handle loops through 4 grommets and can be worn doubled over the arm, or long over the shoulder just by sliding one loop away from the bag. There are 2 dimples on the back of the bag next to the grommets.
.This bag is incredibly rare and highly coveted. It was lovingly used by it's former owner and shows wear, but for it's age it is in really good shape. There are a few flaws, but given these are very precious items, I believe they can be overlooked. The red lining has some stains, probably lipstick the flap area and a few darker marks in the main compartment. There are a few tiny nips in the jersey on 2 corners, very slight and hardly seen. I believe the chain was replaced, though its good and heavy, probably replaced by Chanel at some point. The gilt metal has worn on the chain and lock just a bit, overall it looks gold. I have shown all the flaws noted in photos below. The bag has no visible stamp or mark, which is not uncommon. The gold may have worn off over the years. I can assure you with 100% certainty this is an authentic Chanel bag!

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