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1990s Martin Margiela Knit Lurex Sweater

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According to a New York Times article (from 2008), the collaboration between Martin Margiela and Miss Deanna, Deanna Ferretti when this sweater was conceived and produced, was very early in Margiella's career. According to Ferretti, he had asked her to create sweaters with "elbows, breasts, and other traces of the body, as if someone's grandmother had worn it hundreds of times, as if someone had found it years later in some attic". It took Ferretti a few years to figure out how to obtain his vision, and finally invented a technique using molds and heat, where the sweaters were knit, then cooked in huge ovens on dummies. Apparently there were only 1000 of the sweaters ever made. Given the time period taken to invent the process, I would date this to 1990 or 1991. The knit is 84% wool with 10% poly and 6% nylon, the synthetics obviously were key in the molding of the elbows... and of course for the dazzling lurex quality of the sparkle knit. As you can see, the elbows really stand out, but so does the unique stand up neck (than can be scrunched down of course). The wrists and hem are ribbed. The look is other worldly, and like no other sweater I have ever seen.

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