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1970s Stephen Burrows Chiffon Ensemble

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Burrows was one of the most sought after designers in the 1970s, and it was outfits like this that spread his fame like wildfire.

Both pieces are made from luscious silk chiffon in a shade of pink that's between bubble gum and watermelon (Burrows used almost every shade of pink you could imagine for these outfits). This shade is one of the prettiest, and most complementary to almost every skin tone. Both top and pant are comprised of three layers of the chiffon that hang beautifully together. Though it is layered, it is still semi sheer and very, very sexy. One Burrows model was quoted saying that wearing Burrows made her feel like she was like walking into a room naked. His outfits make you feel that sexy!

The top is a flirty wrap style, with those long, long ties and smooth floaty sleeves. There is a small snap at the neck to keep things in place. I don't think the snap is original to the top, but it was well placed , and works well so I am leaving it. It could be removed with a careful snip and you would never know it was there. The cut is very smooth, with only the seams on the very top of the shoulder, down the sides of the bodice and down the inside of the arms. The ingenuity of the cut and extravagant use of chiffon is mind blowing.

The pant is elastic at the waist, long and flowy with the three layers showing at the hem. The trademark, raw zig-zag "lettuce hem" finishes all the edges in red for a classily Burrows look.

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