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1970s Stephen Burrows Fox Jacket

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.I am not a big fan of fur, but when I come across really special pieces, I can't resist. Being that I am crazy for everything Burrows, and that this jacket it is just about the most incredible fur I have ever seen, it is my pleasure to have it in this collection.
Stephen Burrows designs are pretty darn rare, but his furs are really rare. This jacket was made under his own label, and probably dates to the mid early to mid 1970s. The fur is fox, beautifully dyed and sculpted like a work of art. Each line you see is a strip of fur dyed root to tip, darker at the root and gradually fading to light blue, with black at the very tip. There are actually strips of leather between the strips of fur giving the coat a wavy effect, like ripples on the water. This is not a cheap shortcut, but is a very time instensve technique used to give the coat this amazing color and texture. The cut of the jacket is very versatile so it could be dressed down with jeans and boots, or dressed up over an evening gown.The jacket is fully lined in purple taffeta that was dyed to have a mottled look. There are no closures. There are two side pockets, and one hidden pocket in the lining.

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