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1970s Halston Spiral Cut Swimsuit and Cover Up

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In 1976 Halston began toying with the idea of making a garment from one piece of fabric that spirals around the body, thus creating a fitted silhouette with just a single, diagonal seam. The little tie at the bust is adjustable. I have seen this in dresses, but this is the first time I have seen it used for a swimsuit. I can't imagine how they figured out the leg holes.. it is more like science than fashion.. a kind of couture alchemy I would say.
As miraculous the swimsuit, it is equally amazing that there is a matching wrap skirt. I have only seen a few Halston swimsuits, but I have never seen one with the skirt. The skirt is also one piece of fabric, seamless, sleek and sexy. The hem is curved like a giant petal, then the little ties extend in an opposite curve, ending in sharp points., reflecting the ties at the bust.
The fabric is a stretchy, silky synthetic, a bit lighter than a modern swim suit. The pattern in violet and black is very striking and quite unique. Both pieces are labeled HALSTON.

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