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1970s Halston Cashmere Goddess Gown

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Once in a while you may find a vintage Halston dress made from cashmere. Even more rarely you will find a vintage Halston one shoulder goddess gown, but to find a one shoulder goddess made from knit cashmere!!!! WOW!!! Its a total find, a complete rarity, and a welcome addition to any Halston collection.
Yes, this is 100% knit cashmere in jet black. It was knit in Italy expressly for the Halston, under the guiding eye of Roy F. Halston himself. This came from a time when cashmere was a rare luxury, coming from small farms in the mountains, hand harvested from cared for animals (not the mass produced, poor quality you find all to commonly nowadays). This dress must have cost a mint when it was new. The knit is smooth and thick, with a thin band of ribbing at the edges. Its slim fitting, sleek and sexy, as you expect from a good Halston.

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