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1960s Emilio Pucci Beaded Evening Gown

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This is the queen of all Pucci! Beaded Pucci pieces are extremely rare, and they hardly ever surface for sale to the general public. This one, in particular is extraordinary, and is most likely a one of a kind.
It is unlabeled, but I knew exactly what it was at first glance. It is unmistakably Pucci!! All the Emilio signatures are covered by sequins and beads, but if you flip the fabric, the signatures are very apparent on the underside (at the bottom of this page I have shown a labeled blouse with the same print in case you need proof of this gown's Pucciness, and it also illustrates this is an early work of Pucci's as its one of his first labels).
As I mentioned above, every inch of the print is encrusted in jewels, beads, or sequins. The jewels are all prong set, like fine costume jewelry. The shoulders straps and across the bodice you will find faux marquis cut amethyst cut stones. Brilliant little faux diamonds are everywhere... the whole stem of the flower is a steady stream of shimmery stones. Needless to say, all the work was done by hand, and it is a glowing example of the best craftsmanship of the era. This is a true work of art.
The fabric is, of course, silk. It is lined in silk as well. The construction of the gown is as impressive as the beadwork. The zipper (metal of course) is hidden under the left border down the side of the back. The border overlaps and closes with a series of hooks and snaps. The long column look is timeless, and will always be in style.

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