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1960s Emilio Pucci Ensemble

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I love, love, love this top and skirt ensemble by Pucci. The fabric is his famous silk jersey, the print is a classic, in warm, vibrant colors.

The top has a metal side zipper, and a graceful boat neckline. The skirt has an elastic waist, and a simple, easy fit. What is really amazing is the skirt is lined, not with some plain silk but with the actual printed silk, so it is completely reversible. The only difference wearing one side to the other is the print is upside down. Quite remarkable!.

Now, I have to disclose what I believe were alterations. The top's finishing hem is rough edged with a very unprofessional over cast stitch, the rest of the seams were overcast by machine. The zipper is about 2" longer than the top and was folded up and sewn with the same kind of rough stitches. The border print is correct and is part of the whole fabric, not pieced, and the fabric that folds up to hem is white. The only thing I can think is this may have been a one piece gown, made into a two piece ensemble at some point. The skirt's waist is also not what I would expect with Pucci. What throws off my theory is that the size of the skirt waist is smaller than the hem of the top, and clearly the skirt's diameter is original as the borders match perfectly, so I can't figure out what happened to fix it.... so I am leaving it with the alterations as it is a wonderful, wearable ensemble, as is!

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