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1960s Bonnie Cashin Mohair Dog Leash Skirt

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An example of this Bonnie Cashin creation is part of the Met NYC's collection. I am quoting from thier website as thier description is perfect: "The wearer is ready for day or evening in this elegant ensemble. As rustic, tactile, and colorful as Cashin's favored mohair is, this outfit works chiefly in terms of silhouette. The profusion of skirt materials can be pulled up and even stuffed into pockets ("retroussée dans les poches") to create a look reminiscent of late eighteen-century fashion. The Cashin silhouette, however, is more simply achieved with an unusual skirt fastener. She called this favorite device her "dog leash" in recognition of that simple hardware. The effect is to winch up the cloth and make the mohair more layered and luxurious by a profoundly simple hitch."
Indeed, what more can I add to that. The skirt is mohair, yards and yards of mohair in a spectacular mustard and indigo plad. Leather waist and straps, gold tone "dog leash" hooks. Side hook and zipper closure and deep hip pockets. The skirt is unlined

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