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1950s Bonnie Cashin Faux Leopard "Lounging" Coat

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In a 1958 Sports Illustrated article about American women's sportswear, they describe the designs Bonnie Cashin did for Dorian as "relaxing costumes ". Indeed, the two pieces of Cashin for Dorian indexed in the Metropolitan Museum website are what I would consider lounge wear, which serves to validate my initial belief that this beautiful Cashin for Dorian creation was made to be a house-coat, designed for wear around the home rather than outside. Of course, the modern woman may well wear it out on the town if she chose and nobody would know, but the lush faux fur fabric would be so sublime for curling up on the couch, in front of the fire on New Years Day, or joining friends on the patio for a light brunch in the country on a fine fall morning. As I said before, the faux fur is quite luxurious. I have never felt any faux fur from this time quite so fine. It is super soft and velvety. The cut is wonderful, with the wide collar that can be worn up around the neck or down across the shoulders. The front crosses over on itself in a wrap style, securing at the waist with a big hook and eye. The sleeves are nice and loose, 3/4 length so they won't be in the way from page turning or mimosa sipping. There are deep side pockets and the coat is lined in orange taffeta.

condition: excellent

no size - fits like a 4-6, though the hook can be moved over a smidge if you wanted it a bit larger.

bust 38"
waist 26"
hips are free
length 57"

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