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1947 Gilbert Adrian Evening Dress

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There really is nothing like the look of a Gilbert Adrian gown. I have had a few come and go, but I have never owned one in a size larger than a 6. usually they are tiny. I am so happy to be able to offer this wonderful item. The very same gown is part of the Met's permanent collection (click here to see) 
They date it to 1947 

The fabric is rayon, a midweight crepe that hangs perfectly on the body. It is a very glamorous cut, with super long sleeves that are quite wide at the top, then they taper to a very tight wrist... tiny hidden zippers enable it to be so tight. The neck has a modest V and a few deep pleats down the bust that draw attention to the glorious waist detail. A large, swooping X crosses the navel, the bottoms continue down, then sweep out across the hips and meet up at the small of the back. Under the X is a downward pointing V that has gentle pleats. The bottom of the V opens the skirt to the hem. The opening is secured by a few reinforced threads so it teases a possibility of exposure.

It is a magnificent, sexy, and glamorous gown.

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