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1960s Thea Porter Dress

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Thea's caftans are definitely a thrill, but dresses like this have the same impact, but are much easier to wear. This dress in particular I find a treasure.
The fabric is a very light, very sheer, almost gauzy cotton. It is the kind of fabric you would have found in Indian dresses of the time. The print is incredible, featuring Arabian me on horses, with little dogs, flowers and lots of arabesque details. There is even a few words in arabic (I think its arabic) in the border portion above the hem. Porter was raised in Syria and many of her garments carry that history, but this dress really shows it off.
The style of the dress is every bit as exciting as the print. With the volumnious balloon sleeve (elastic at the wrist), the long flowing skirt... and that neckline. Ossie Clark was obviously not the only British designer going open neck to navel, as the bodice of this dress closes at the neck, then is open to the the elastic waistband. If you were modest, you could instal a little hook, but really, it is so fabulous like this. Just a marvel.
my goddess... there is a care tag that says its machine washable. I beg you, please do not machine wash!! It would be hand washable for sure, but keep it away from the machine!!!!

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