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1970s Hanae Mori Beaded Dress

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There really is nothing as lovely as a Hanae Mori Couture gown, except perhaps when its beaded.
The silk chiffon is printed with huge peony blossoms, in shades of yellow, gold and gray. The dress is covered in glass bugle beads. The beads are lightly scattered on the bodice, and are applied more densely on the flowers, becoming more concentrated towards the center of the blossom. The stamen portion is adorned in white beads and tiny cut crystal beads that sparkle like diamonds. The beads are, of course, all hand applied.
The dress is cut like a classic Mori gown. Long, straight, with a slight gather just in the center at the little turtle neck. The sleeves are magnificent, scalloped at the wrists and up the divide where it snaps together. The hem is finished with a 9" flounce that is cut like flower petals and beaded with little creases to accentuate the look of each petal.
I am a Hanae Mori devotee, and I can honestly say, this is one of her best.

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