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1890s Soutache Lace Riding or Bustle Style Jacket

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This gorgeous jacket was found in Rome (Italy) though where it was actually produced I can't honestly say. Being that it is a unique style, unlike any I have seen before, I wouldn't be surprised if it was made in Italy. At first glance it looks like a Battenburg lace but the lace is entirely constructed out of soutache and heavy braided trims. There is just a small amount of "tape" and even that is edged in soutache. Of course, this lace was created by hand and has the look and feel of an artisan lace. Beyond the amazing lace, the cut of the jacket is also very different, being waist length in the front, then long in the back. This strikingly Victorian cut would have accented a bustle dress, or perhaps was mimicked a riding jacket, but even without a bustle or horse, it lays beautifully. The silk collar/lapel also brings to mind the riding habit as well as a men's tail coat. The jacket closes in the front with a single, shiny black button covered in little jet black, faceted beads.

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