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1960s Pierre Cardin Cape

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Here in San Francisco, the weather can change from warm and sunny, to foggy and cold from one neighborhood to another. It seems that I have to learn the same lesson, over and over again each spring as I leave my house dressed for summer, without a sweater or coat, then I cross the bridge and it is still winter. This happened to me this spring, but this time I was prepared. This awesome cape was in my back seat, destined for the dry cleaners, but it served my purpose well... and man did I get some attention.

Don't plan on wearing this cape if you want to go unnoticed. It draws the eye and demands attention. Several people asked me if it was Missoni. When I answered "its a Cardin" I got lots of smiles and nods, and looks of envy.

The wools used to create this masterpiece are of the finest quality, and the weaving is obviously done by hand. The zig-zag pattern, and rich, vivid colors are a stand out. The cape closes with shiny black plastic buttons. The collar can be buttoned to turn it into a turtleneck look.

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