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2005 Comme des GARCONS Broken Bride Photo Print Dress

$ 750.00
This gorgeous creation dates to Fall/Winter 2005, but it was never worn and still has the original CDG tag. The collection known as the "Broken Bride" is universally considered one of Rei Kawakubo's greatest, and pieces from the collection are highly coveted and very collectible. Kawakubo was quoted saying she wanted the collection to be "abstract" and "anti-establishment." and looking at this dress, which was one of the highlights of the show, you can see how her art reflected her concept. The dress is all silk, save for a built in mock camisole that peeks out from the neckline. The front of the dress shows a photo print of a Victorian wedding dress. Every detail is present, including wrinkles (in the print), crushed bows, stains (again, in the print of the antique dress, not on the actual dress), and faded lace. In the photo print you actually see a bit of the Victorian cotton lining, which carries up to the actual cotton piece in the neckline. While speaking of the neck, the photo print carries up to the high, lace neck, but the actual dress is cut off to the side of the neck so the photo piece falls to one side. I think this may be one way Rei was showing how the past conventional, uncomfortable fashions were being cut away for a new, modern woman. The fact that the photo print also shows a tiny, corseted waistline, contrasting with the loose fitted, natural waist of the dress may also be a nod in this direction too. The dress was also slashed just over the left hip. The runway model wore it open to the skin, but one more modest may wear it with a slip. The photo print extends to the back, just in the lower half, the upper half is simple cream silk. The dress is adorned along the lower slash, and around the back crossing back to the front just a smidge with a trim that reminds me of the stuff you would find on a 80s wedding dress. Its white with a bit of iridescent glimmer. The construction of the dress is completely wonderful, as you expect from CDG. There is a hidden side zipper, and it was cut very interestingly so the back comes forward, not to the center of the side where a normal seam would be, but more towards the front making the print in front look like it was just stuck on the dress somehow.

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