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1990s Moschino Zen Jacket

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This jacket is a total Franco masterpiece. I imagine it is from one of his last collections that tended towards his love of nature and spirituality.
The cut is very much an officer's military jacket. The almost black, blue wool gaberdine has a wonderful feel. but it being so dark you can 't see all the wonderful details of construction, all the sweeping lines and arcs. The four patch pockets are functional as well as beautiful, the upper ones are pleated. The back kick pleat opens nearly to the waist. The belt and epaulets create even more drama, and the buttons are so special... reading "left, right, left, right, left, Moschino, around a crossed heart and star. The smaller buttons show a heart, bugle horn and crown.
In addition to the amzing style of jacket, Franco's selection of adornments is a real juxtaposition. We have symbols of peace, meditation, chakras along with a few showing an atomic energy symbol. I wonder if he was making a statement about how militant people can become in thier yoga practice. It is a seriously wonderful expression of a true master's talent.

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