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1990s Givenchy Haute Couture Dress

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My first reaction on seeing this dress was that I figured it to be 1960s Balenciaga, finding it to be Givenchy Haute Couture makes me think this was a tribute to Hubert's mentor and good friend. The incredible silk feels like a silk gazar. It has an intricate floral design worked into the textured weave. The fabric enables the dress to hold a sculptured, architectural form with no extra padding or structure. Look how the tulip skirt puffs at the hips, accentuating a slim waist. The puffy sleeves mirror the skirt puff, and the sleeves can be worn more up on the shoulder, though down off the shoulder is so very dramatic and sexy. The bodice is fully boned so wearing the shoulders down will never effect the look of the bodice.

This is an incredibly beautifully made dress, as haute couture as haute couture can be. All the inside seams are finished with overcast stitches, the lining silks are as beautiful as the outer silks. The design of the dress is truly original, and is very, very Givenchy.

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