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1990s Gaultier Goddess Gown

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Oh, how I do adore Gaultier gowns. This little treasure is made of very fine, slinky, sexy black rayon jersey, trimmed with brown rayon/silk velvet. The black-brown combination is very striking. The cut of the gown is very avant garde, as you would expect from JPG. Its overall look from the front is a one shoulder goddess, though there are two shoulder straps. The dress is 4 panels of fabric, each seam is trimmed in the velvet, the effect is slimming and lengthening from every direction. From the right shoulder hangs a long ribbon of the velvet finished with a pampille of six balls graduating from small 3/4" diameter to the largest at 1 1/2" in diameter. The balls feel like wood beads covered in silk ribbon.  There is weight to this ornament, serving to keep the shape of the neckline perfectly as created by the master Gaultier. There is a small side zipper and no other closures.

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