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1980s Yves Saint Laurent Dragon Sweater

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Historically, the Chinese dragon was the symbol of the Emperor,and common folk were forbidden to wear a dragon motif. Modern Chinese culture still reveres the dragon as a mythical creature that brings ultimate abundance, prosperity and good fortune.
This glorious sweater is a must have for any woman who wishes all luck that comes with the dragon. The knit is 77% wool, 33% rayon. It is super soft, super light weight, and has a remarkable sheen. The colors chosen are very Chinese. Deep red, bright green, imperial gold and Tibetan turquoise combine to create a stunning pattern.
The jacket is a variation on a classic Chinese jacket. It features a sweet Mandarin collar, wide sleeves and an elaborate red frog closure at the chest. The body of the sweater has a slight A-line so it has lots of swing and grace. There are also removable shoulder pads. It is a striking and very wearable garment perfect for any occasion.

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