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1970s Yves Saint Laurent Gold Metal Purse

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Oh yes, this is a lovely little thing. It probably dates to the later 1970s. Save for the big YSL on the front clasp, the purse is otherwise unmarked, but I guarantee it is authentic YSL.

The purse is made from ribbed metal plated in gold. The purse opens to reveal a gold leather lining. The hinges have springs so with a little squeeze it snaps close with an impressive snapping sound. The strap is black silk and gold metallic cord finished with silky tassels at the end.

 The purse is in excellent condition with the only flaws being under the clasp where the metal has worn a bit from opening and closing. This minor flaw is not seen when the bag is closed and barely noticed when it is opened. Other than that, the gold plate is nice and shiny with no apparent wear. The inside is perfect as well.

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