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1970s Yves Saint Laurent Bird Skirt

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Throughout history, the dove has been a symbol of peace and hope. The ancient Greeks held it as a symbol of love and renewal of life. In ancient Japan a dove carrying a sword symbolized the end of war. Noah's dove with the olive branch brought hope for new life. Medieval Europeans believed if a dove flew over the house of a dying person, their soul would be at peace. And there are legends which say that the devil can turn himself into any bird except for a dove. In Christian art, the dove was used to symbolize the Holy Ghost and was often painted above Christ's head. But it was Pablo Picasso who made the dove a modern symbol of peace when he used it on a poster for the World Peace Congress in 1949. I would like to believe Yves used this pattern of white doves to call attention to the Vietnam War. Maybe today it will provide the same for our modern version of war.
The skirt is lovely. Made from rayon crepe, perfectly crafted to cascade down the legs with grace and syntality. There are deep side pockets, and a hook and a hidden metal zipper closure. The skirt is unlined.

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