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1960s Lanvin Fado Set

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I have seen a lot of Lanvin from this era, but never have I seen an outfit like this. I estimate it to be from the early Jules-Francois Crahay years, probably from the late 1960s.

It is a masterpiece, made from the finest, light woven wool, probably best described as a viole wool. The print shows a fabulous balance between the whimsy of 60s psychedelia and the elegance of French couture. There are hundreds of flowers and leaves in shades of pink, red, purple, white and greens, bordered in hot pink with white polka-dots.... and don't let me forget to mention the amazing 15" pink and white fringe that encompasses the shawl.

There are no Lanvin labels, but the big Lanvin Paris is emblazoned into the print on the edge of the shawl... and there is a couture label tacked onto the reverse of the shawl that reads "Chale Fado UL 535157". Chale Fado means Fado Shawl in French. Fadois a national phenomenon in Portugal. Fado singers sing songs lamenting the past, (as Portugal has a very important Imperial past), and Fado as a musical style/phenomenon is unique to the Portuguese. Fado artists dress much like Flamenco dancers in Spain (but woe to you if you make the comparison to a Portuguese!!).

The buttons down the front of the skirt end a scant 15" from the waistband. That means you have 28" of open leg to use to your advantage, and girl, you are going to love it!!! Both pieces are in excellent condition. The pink silk lining of the skirt is torn a little at the hem, but that has been repaired and will not be seen when wearing.

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