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1960s Balenciaga Dress

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This is not your usual Balenciaga (Eisa was Balenciaga's Spanish Couture House). When I first set out to explore it I first checked to make sure the height of the hem was original, as I have never seen one over the knee. After a full inspection, I deemed the hem is totally authentic to the dress. The next thing poured over was the amazing seaming. This is the kind of dress that made dear Cristobal famous.

The cut seems nearly impossible. Check out the details in the close up photos below. Can you see the wonderful upside down U shape in the front, starting at the top of the chest, coming around the breasts then A-line down to the hem? Can you see the seam that goes up the arms and shoulders on the outer sides, allowing the arms, shoulders and chest to be one solid piece of fabric on each side. Do you also see how this piece seams to the U piece at the sides in sharp Vs, and how the back panels are also solid from the arm, shoulder to the zipper, coming around the sides to the V as well? Its genius, but then he threw in a few pockets and then to further the wow factor he somehow managed to match up the patterns seam to seam (they are not perfectly matched, but are incredibly harmonious).

Did I ramble too much? If so, forgive me, this dress just is so awe inspiring, I can't help myself. I have to add that the fabric is a gorgeous matelasse silk with metallic gold touches. Its a thicker fabric with a lightly padded feel. It has the most glorious luster that shines like a jewel. It is, of course, fully lined in blue silk.

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