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1960s Balenciaga Coat

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Nobody ever has, nor do I think anyone ever will construct a coat with the grace and complexity of Balenciaga. I wish all women could have the experience of wearing an original Balenciaga coat at least once in their lifetime. Sadly, not many were made, and those that were, were worn to "rags" so they are few and way far between nowadays.

This remarkable dream coat is not only exquisite, but its in remarkably pristine condition. Outwardly, it looks brand new, inside the silk lining is immaculate, except for a tiny patch at the top where its sewn to the wool.

The fabric is a divine wool, very fine tweed of dark and light gray. The cut of the coat is a delight. The raglan sleeves intersect the vertical lines of the front panels to make sharp angles pointing towards the face. The pointed flat collar also draws attention to the face. Its a double breasted adorned with the usual plain plastic buttons. There is a single silk covered snap inside to keep the coat from slipping. The sleeves are bracelet length. The pockets are adorable, with a gentle sweep upwards, like little smiles. It is numbered 86072 which would place its creation around 1962-63.

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