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1950s Balenciaga Suit

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I read once that all a (metacentury) Parisian society lady needed was one evening dress by Balenciaga and one black suit by him as well, and she would be appropriate for any occasion. After trying on this suit, I can see why.

The fabric is wool of the finest quality. There may be some silk in it, because it has an amazing sheen, almost a glow. It is not heavy, but it holds its shape perfectly, like a stiffer wool would. The color is the darkest blue. Its one of those blues that you really have to compare it to black to decide if its really blue. It is lined in the same color silk.

The style of the jacket is unmistakably Balenciaga. I believe it dates to the mid to late 1950s. The skirt has a hint of fullness, but it retains its slim look. The jacket is boxy, yet graceful They are perfectly matched to each other with the lines of the jacket corresponding perfectly to the skirt. The skirt has wonderful 7 1/2" side panels that travel up the side of each leg. The jacket a delicately notched collar, slouchy shoulders, a sculptural , wide cut, two side pockets, and three bold plastic buttons. The side panels of the skirt are repeated in the jacket. Check out the detail of the back... do you see how those side panels graduate up to the slouchy seam of the shoulders creating a diamond like pattern on the back? Also notice how the collar lays perfectly in line with those shoulder lines, and how the hem of the jacket echoes the line of the collar. It is a perfect example how Balenciaga created simplicity out of complication. This suit is a shining example of his mastery.

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