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1980s Zandra Rhodes dress

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Every time I am lucky enough to come across a Zandra from this era, I am always astounded by the beauty and craftswomanship of the garments. This one is killer, in a blue grey, with lilac, black and cream. There are even little "Zandra Rhodes" signatures here and there in the pattern. It is made of a wonderful silk that drapes and hangs with the fluidity that can only be had with a fine silk. The dress can be worn with the belt (as shown) or without for a more free - flowy look. As cool as the print is, the styling of the crazy mutton-ish sleeves is what really makes this dress a masterpiece. Across the back, along the shoulders the dress is smocked with elastic, then the sleeves cascade down, tapering at the wrist to a little point down the hand. There is also a sexy little opening at the shoulder. Little weights hang at the neckline and shoulder slits to keep things in place. The label is white, with the pink Zandra signature, for Jack Mulqueen, London

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