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1970s Hermes Equestrian Riding Jacket with Scarf Print Lining

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Its always a thrill to get your hands on a vintage Hermes riding jacket, but to find one with a scarf print lining is off the charts fantastic.
The jacket is jet black wool with a velveteen collar. The buttons are black plastic. Its a classic equestrian style, with the high back vent, deep pockets and a sexy fit. What sets the jacket apart from most is the dreamy Hermes scarf lining. I don't know what the print is called or who the artist was. As you can see below, the print is a library of books, many relate to horses and riding, some to hunting, a few to cars. The print is signed Hermes as well, but I see nothing to indicate the name of the scarf. It is lovely, with rich golds and reds and a beautifully expressive print. Even the pockets are lined with it.

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