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1970s Gucci Bee Print Blouse

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It has long been debated why Napoleon was so fond of the bee motif. Most will agree he used the bee to replace the fleurs-de-lys which had been used by nobility in France ages before, but nobody is sure if bees were chosen because they look like the fleurs-de-lys turned upside down, or if bees were the antecedents of the fleurs-de-lys. In either case the bee motif will forever be associated with the Napoleonic age in France.

This sweet blouse takes the bee motif to a whole new level. The silk is royal blue covered in clusters of little bees. The bees are really adorable in red, gold and green with a big G on every head, G for Gucci of course. The buttons are silk covered with a bee G on each one. The blouse is beautiful, with a long tie

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