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1940s Valentina Sequin Jacket

$ 1,400.00

This jacket is one of the best Valentina creations I have ever seen, and I am thrilled beyond belief to have it available on Swank Vintage. Valentina Sanina Schlee was a Russian who immigrated to the USA in 1923. Knowing little English, but having grace, beauty, charm and a well off husband, she quickly found her way into the well to do places in New York. She started modeling fashion, then began designing. She never made ready to wear, she was strictly couture, and her pieces were only for those who could afford the very best. Her forte was a simple but elegant cut that would be worn season after season.

This is a prime example of such a piece as it was the height of fashion then, and is the height of fashion now. It is silk chiffon covered in shiny black sequins. The sequins are applied overlapping so the look is more the scales of a fish rather than a flashy, more modern sequin look. It looks shiny and liquid, very chic and elegant. One has to wonder what the original outfit was. Did she make long, flowing pants or was there a simple dress to be worn under. Did she intend to to have the center of the chest open to the skin, or was there a pretty chiffon blouse to be worn under? We will never know the answer, but as you can see, the style is so timeless and versatile, this jacket would be perfect in a myriad of ensembles.

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