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1940s Leyna Beauvilain Satin Beaded Gown

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Before finding this gown I knew nothing about Leyna Beauvilain, and even now after extensive research I can't find much about her life or work. Her label puts her address at 1 Place Vendome in Paris. If you have been to Paris you know this street is home of the creme de la creme... Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Boucheron, Charvet, Chaumet, Buccelati, Piaget, Armani, Guerlain, Schiaparelli, and the Ritz Hotel to name a few tenants who have resided on this divine street. It is a "neighborhood" of luxury and great taste. 1 Place Vendome is now home to Hotel de Vendome, and was a hotel at the time this gown was made. I have been in touch with Hotel de Vendome, and they have never heard of Beuvilain, nor do they have a history of a dressmaker ever at that location. There is a reference of Beauvilain at the Muse Marsil in Quebec , and a few pieces have shown up for auction in Paris dating to the mid 1920s to 1930s.
Given the exquisite beauty and superb quality of this gown, I would love to know more about the divine Ms Beauvilain. I purchased it with a few Balenciaga and a fabulous early Lanvin, and I was sure it was a Balenciaga until I found the label shown below. It has all the aspects of a Balenciaga of the time, but I am in no way disappointed its by Beauvilain. Sometimes its more exciting discovering "new talent" than finding a known treasure.
The gown is ivory silk satin of the best quality. It has a side (metal) zipper, and is fully lined with a full underskirt. The bodice is boned with a full support system, the skirt gracefully flows into dreamy folds to the floor. The bodice is encrusted in iridescent sequins, gold threads, faux pearls and tiny beads. A lattice pattern of sequins and little jeweled flowers travel down the bodice into the folds of the skirt. It is so insanely beautiful, it really makes my heart pound every time I look at it. This would be a glorious dress for a wedding or cotillion.

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