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1910s Long Open Sleeve Floral Print Chiffon Gown

$ 1,400.00

Thousands of amazing vintage dresses have passed through my hands over the years, but I will say with absolute certainty that this dress is one of the most lovely. Made of beautiful silk chiffon printed with a background of black and huge bouquets of violets of purple, pink and fuchsia. Aside from the lovely print, the next most striking features of the dress are the incredible sleeves. Just look at them drape like the wings of an angel. They are lined in purple silk crepe and hang open with a small wrist cuff on one side that buttons around the arm to create the pointed hanging effect. Next on the list of lovely surprises is the collar that gathers gracefully around the throat in the front, then opens to the back in large points down the shoulders (the end of the points have tiny weights in them to keep them down). There are a few little purple silk covered buttons down the back of the neck. The dress opens on the side and secures with little hooks and tiny snaps. The waist is accented in a ruched sash of purple silk that also closes at the side so you never have to disturb that perfect knot at the base of the spine. Sadly, there is no label. I imagine the original under-dress probably had the label of a great couturier attached, but now that name is lost to the ages. The hem is all hand rolled, and the seams are all hand finished in the french seam fashion. I am truly enamored by this lovely creation.

condition : very good, with repairs on the shoulders where there was shattering from being on a hanger. The effected areas were reinforced by black tulle so the dress is once again wearable.

no size, fits like a 6-8
bust is free to 60"
waist 30"
hips are free
length 63"

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