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1950s Hattie Carnegie Ball Gown

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Austrian born Henrietta Kanengeiser became a true American original through pure grace, grit and her uncanny ability to bring Paris mystique to real American women. Hattie was given to her when she worked in Macy's millinery in her teens. She choose Carnegie for herself, obviously she wanted to present a name that related to power and wealth.
This beautiful confection of silk taffeta in petal pink is a true wonder. This was a "custom made" gown, probably a one of a kind, as many were. The artistry and execution rivals any Dior of the period. The knot feature at the bottom of the dress reminds me of a Charles James. They say Carnegie's art was in recreating styles from Paris, but even though I do see reflections of Paris in this gown, I also see a lot of originality in it.
The dress is 2 parts, the slip is stiff, constructed, reminiscent of a Victorian bustle, but not so severe. The dress certainly has a antebellum flavor, but it also has a new look quality.

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