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1980s Spinella Venitian Velvet Turban Hat

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Mirella Spinella has been creating hand dyed, hand printed textiles in her small workshop in Venice since 1982. She was self taught in the art of printing, and has perfected the art to the point that she has been called "a spiritual descendant" of Fortuny. Spinella's main work is producing home goods like wall hangings, pillows, throw blankets and table coverings, but as evident in this beautiful hat, she has also dabbled in the beautification of the body as well as the home. This lovely hat was fashioned in the style of a turban, which of course harkens back to Venice's history of trade with the exotic "Islamic World" to the east. This, of course is an all in one hat, it seems to have a molded (cardboard) base. The crown portion is covered in pleated silk velvet in a shade of fawn with a slight undertone of gold. The braid around the rim is made of padded snakes of forest green velvet printed with metallic gold, and very faint swirls of dark green. The cap is lined in green velvet. There is a silk covered elastic sewn to the back that can be used for pinning to your hair. Finding a turban this beautiful and well made is nearly impossible. It is truly a work of art.

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