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1960s Paco Rabanne Aluminum Disc Belt

$ 325.00

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This belt probably dates to the late 1960s. It is made of small aluminum discs connected with little sliver rings. It is a rare 3 row style (most you see are 2 rows) and is 2 1/2" wide, but even with its substantial look, it is very light and almost fluid in feel. The closures are little hinged tabs that open and snap close over rectangular rings at the opposite end. It is a very long belt and would have been sold to wear low on the hips. Please note that the label is not present. I would presume this would have had the Production RICAF label on the back, but often they are lost, or taken off, as in the case with this belt. I have owned a few of these Rabanne disc pieces and I am confident that this is authentic Paco Rabanne.

condition is excellent, though it is unlabeled.

the belt is 34 1/2" long, and 2 1/2" wide

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