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1940s Damascene Avarros Brooch

$ 185.00

This is the finest example of Averros Damascene jewelry I have ever seen. The workmanship is exquisite. It depicts the great 12th Century philosopher Averros, a native to Cordoba Spain where this brooch was most likely made. If you didn't know, Averros was devoted to the ideas of Aristotle and first translated, then wrote commentaries about Aristotelian philosophy. He also studied medicine and served as a judge in Seville. The basic ideas of Averroism are: there is one truth, but there are (at least) two ways to reach it: through philosophy and through religion; the world is eternal; the soul is divided into two parts: one individual, and one divine; the individual soul is not eternal; all humans at the basic level share one and the same intellect.

The brooch is, of course made of blackened steel and adorned with genuine gold and silver. The head of Averros is in high relief that protrudes nearly 3/8" above the surface. Notice the great detail and the workmanship, not to mention the overall pleasing look of the piece. It is a large statement piece that will draw attention and admiration. For Damascene collectors, this is a rare find.

condition: excellent

2 1/4" across - 2 1/2" top to bottom

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