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1960s Shibori Haori Japanese Jacket

$ 145.00

Living in the San Francisco Bay Area, I come across kimono and haori quite a lot, but only a very few are special enough for me to bring home. Of those select few, most remain in my own personal wardrobe, but every so often I find one spectacular enough for Swank Vintage. This is one of the very special ones I consider Swank-worthy. Its a 3/4 length jacket known as a haori, worn by both men and women over kimono in Japan. Good ones are prized by fashionistas for the beauty of the textiles, and the wearablity of the style, as they look wonderful with jeans. This one is very special as it is decorated in very fine shibori, an ancient tie-dyeing technique where tiny spots of fabric are pulled up, then wrapped in thread before dying. Where the threads are tied, the silk resists the dye, resulting in little spots of color and no-color, and a soft, textured finish. This particular haori was dyed in burgundy on a cream silk, with a very fine floral motif. The haori is all silk, with a white silk lining. It is a traditional cut with long butterfly sleeves with open areas under the arms.

condition - excellent

no size, one size
across the chest is 46"
length is 28"

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