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1920s Nigerian Yourba Agbada or Riga Hausa Islamic Chief's Robe

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This is a wonderful Nigerian Robe. I am not sure exactly if it is a Yorba Agbada (also called the bou-bou), or a Hausa Riga robe as they are very similar in look and motif. This would have been a ceremonial robe worn by an important man, king or chief, but I think it is glorious as a woman's garment too. The fabric is a light cotton or linen, and the embroidery may have used the wild silk called tsamiya or sanyan. The color is a natural creamy white (white cloth was associated with purity and was prized by high ranking clerics, rulers and chiefs) The fabric was hand woven as evident by inconsistencies and slubs in the fabric. I should also note that this piece is made up of panels of fabric that are about 7" wide. They are pieced together and are each pin-tuck sewn into 2 1/4" stripes. The amount of work that went into making this robe is unbelievable. The decorative elements of the robe are all hand embroidered using a heavier, natural colored yarn. The embroidered motif is known as "Two Knives" which would protect the wearer from evils, as would the other motifs, possibly the "Magic Squares" and the wonderful swirls that nearly looks Celtic.
The cut is a simple rectangle with a hole in the center for the head. The bottoms at each side are attached with a strip of fabric so it is open, but won't fly away in a breeze.

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